Our Vision

Scaling with PrecisionUnderstanding Risk: Scale-Precision Trade-Off

Precision is the ability to be consistent without error. As problems tend to scale and become larger (e.g. lines of code, number of shipments), there is a tendency toward higher failure rates and less precision. The trade-off can be defined as the “risk of failure.” Organizations that rely on greater accuracy and assurance struggle to minimize this trade-off.

GB Tech Delivers Assurance

By reducing the trade-off between scalability and precision, GB Tech helps companies and government agencies guarantee higher levels of assurance in technology and logistics support. At GB Tech we strive to provide the same high level of assurance regardless of project scale or scope.

Assurance Requires Both Scale and Precision

Leaders in aerospace, healthcare, education, energy and defense require greater assurance when faced with compliance issues, regulatory change and liability concerns and require greater scalability without the trade-off and risk of failure. We understand that providing logistics and IT services in these dynamic markets is met with higher expectations of quality in service delivery. Our clients that depend on software and technology expect, and receive, greater reliability and performance.