Dynamic Desktop Delivery


Imagine a world in which workspaces are not installed in machines, but follow users wherever they go like a shadow and run on any device they choose

The market for desktop virtualization technology is expanding rapidly, especially with client-hosted virtualization becoming more relevant in today’s market.   More and more organizations are considering developing a successful strategy to deliver secure workspaces to their mobile work force anywhere and on any device over the cloud.

Desktop virtualization, as practiced today, is modeled too closely on the server-consolidation use case. These models – virtual desktop infrastructure, client hypervisors and application virtualization – don't meet customer needs for cost and user experience.  Additionally, existing virtual desktop solutions take too long to deploy and have huge infrastructure requirements and oppressive management costs.

The Deskstream Approach

The challenge for the next generation of desktop management is to maintain the best features of the physical desktop (excellent user experience, lots of latitude to personalize the workspace) while imposing centralized provisioning, control and cost constraints. Deskstream’s new approach to virtualizing user preferences and applications means that a single management framework can address all the workspaces in an enterprise, whether they're virtualized or still physical.

In our view, true desktop virtualization should be a user-centric, stateful workspace delivered on-demand to any device. With that goal in mind the DeskStream Dynamic Desktop Delivery platform is designed to be scalable and simple to manage, yielding Total Cost of Ownership and power savings. Maybe most significantly, it doesn't care whether it's managing virtual or physical desktops, Windows, Mac, or Linux boxes – or all of the above.

The Deskstream platform sets a new benchmark for desktop management where it brings the ease and convenience of web computing into concert with complex, legacy desktop computing. Dynamic Desktop Delivery significantly eases the complexity of desktop management to deliver Desktop as a Service (DaaS) over the Cloud.

"What we are talking about is radical simplification of the way we provision and manage all Windows workspaces whether they are running on top of a hypervisor or not." - Rachel Chalmers, Research Director, Infrastructure Management at The 451 Group

DeskStream takes the workspace-decomposition approach to its logical conclusion. Its agent runs on all kinds of operating systems, including some being developed for tablets, phones and televisions. With the agent in place, a desktop administrator can define policies for how users can interact with their data and applications. Those policies can be enforced automatically.

How it Works

It all starts with storage. the DeskStream Dynamic Desktop Delivery platform decouples the workspace into its component parts. It stores user workspaces, data and customized settings. A separate repository holds application masters. All these files can be fed through a storage server to the administrative server, where the Windows desktop administrators and support personnel can look at the inventory. The storage and administrative servers don't need to be physical boxes. They reside on PC virtual machines

Once administrators have set policy (via a policy template, not surprisingly), personalized workspaces can be provisioned to virtual desktops, over the network or via USB drives to offline users, or through the cloud to laptops, notebooks and smartphones in the office or at home. An agent embedded in each desktop links to the user profile, stateful data and application templates at login. The C: drive is mapped onto network storage, making DeskStream a natural fit with thin-client partners and with emerging devices, such as tablets and Web PCs.

DeskStream’s unique desktop virtualization software platform enables centralized desktop management that employs patent-pending technology and delivers truly anywhere, anytime, secure desktops for any device resulting in significant cost savings, uncompromised user experience and performance advantages.

Your desktop delivered... anywhere, any time, any device

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