MobileDemand Rugged Tablet Computers

GB Tech now carrying MobileDemand Rugged Tablet Computers on GSA Schedule

MobileDemand xTablets are built military rugged to withstand the rigors of government field work and military battlefields.  They are MIL-STD 810G compliant and have an Ingress (Sealing) Rating of up to IP65, which means they have been tested to survive pressured water, temperature extremes, rain, humidity, salt, sand, dust, shock, vibration and 26 consecutive drops from 5 feet.

xTablet T7000 Rugged Mini Tablet

It’s small. It’s lightweight. And it’s rugged. The versatile xTablet® T7000 gives your mobile workers the best of all worlds. It offers the functionality of a notebook, the full Windows® operating system of a Tablet PC and the portability of a handheld device. With the Intel® Atom processer the xTablet T7000 delivers significant memory and power advantages over traditional Windows® Mobile handhelds.

Rugged, reliable and built to withstand the harshest environments, the xTablet T7000 is IP65, MIL-STD 810G/F certified so your mission-critical information is safe, even if dropped, shocked, or exposed to undesirable conditions.

Hot-swappable batteries, all-light readable 7” display and lightweight 2.5lb form factor keep mobile workers productive the whole day without fatigue. The Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system runs full versions of your business and desktop applications providing even greater capacity to a mobile workforce.  T7000 Datasheet (pdf)

xTablet C1200 Rugged Convertible Tablet

The high-performance C1200 convertible tablet is specifically designed for the always-mobile professional who needs superior connectivity and access to business applications anytime, anywhere. This versatile device quickly and easily transforms from a rugged laptop to a Tablet PC making it ideal for field service, military, public sector, health care, agriculture, delivery and other mobile applications. The easy-grip handle lets mobile professionals quickly grab it and go.

The xTablet C1200 Tablet PC features a large 12.1” convertible TFT backlit touch screen with a sunlight readable display option for optimum viewability indoors, in-vehicle and in the field. It offers keyboard and finger touch data entry as well as signature capture and more precise handwriting recognition.  It has a 1.3 mega-pixel camera and a full suite of optional accessories including an office dock, vehicle dock and car adaptor.

The xTablet C1200 is built tough to handle the bumps, drops and spills of real-world use. It meets MIL-STD 810G requirements and tested to survive drops from 4 feet. A special spill resistant design protects the keyboard, touchpad, speakers, wireless and power switches, and all ports are dust resistant.  This unique spill-guard design extends the life of the device by allowing liquids to dissipate through the bottom of the computer reducing the risk of damage.  C1200 Datasheet (pdf)

xTablet T8700 Rugged Tablet

Businesses large and small view the xTablet T8700 Rugged Tablet PC as a superior computing choice because of its exclusive feature combinations. Mobile workforces can depend upon the xTablet to perform mission critical tasks, including applications in field service, retail, food/beverage distribution, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and warehousing to name a few.

It is critical that field personnel are equipped with the best ruggedized Tablet PC. With the xTablet T8700, your field service and mobile workers will easily take your business applications with them, and in their vehicles, allowing instant access to mission critical information.  T8700 Datasheet (pdf)

  • Meets MIL-STD 810G for ruggedness (drops, shock, sealing, water, dust, temperature)
  • Integrated backlit numeric keypad enables exceptionally easy data entry
  • Integrated imager and bar code reader makes data collection simple
  • Integrated mag strip reader makes it an instant POS "line busting" tool
  • Long lasting battery - provides 7 hours of uninterrupted use
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than consumer grade computers
  • Rugged design to survive rough and extreme handling by demanding mobile workers


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