Industries Served

We work in many business sectors and government agencies, but focus on aerospace, homeland security, healthcare and energy. These industries require the high degree of reliability, scalability and performance that GB Tech offers.


GB Tech helps manufacturers and systems integrators develop and manage new processes and integrate new technologies to serve security, performance and logistics demands. We are a critical value add in the current aerospace environment, where pressure to find new strategic approaches to manage cost and mitigate risk requires technical expertise, flexibility, and efficiency.


GB Tech’s core competency expertise provides clients the necessary skills needed to effectively protect their assets and deal with increasing regulatory compliance issues ranging from cybersecurity to border security. We often work as a partner with support integrators and end user clients to ensure security concerns are managed on a 24/7 basis.


GB Tech supports its energy customers with systems that are used to manage physical assets and compliance issues.


GB Tech offers various scalable solutions for healthcare. We help our customers quickly identify and effectively adapt to the rapid changes in today’s dynamic healthcare industry. We also help integrate, manage and deliver services and applications that provide increased efficiency while protecting confidential information.