Healthcare & Education

Compliance and regulatory issues for securing and delivering massive amounts of information are critical to our healthcare industries and education systems. GB Tech can help your organization meet these dynamic demands.

Technology for education and healthcare is changing as rapidly as it is in any industry. And many of these changes hit closer to home for most of us.

Balancing the downward pressure on budgets and the upward momentum of innovation -- and pressure for meeting new demands for services – has put the IT and logistics service departments at these institutions in a squeeze to find more efficient, more productive ways to serve their constituents.

As more hospitals, doctors and healthcare organizations embrace mobile healthcare and greater connectivity, for example, service providers will need to integrate, manage and deliver services and applications that provide increased efficiency while protecting confidential information. GB Tech offers various scalable solutions for healthcare IT infrastructure and communications, logistics management and software testing and security.

While IT services and network applications for school districts and higher education institutions have become more sophisticated -- and ultimately beneficial to the students and staff who use them -- the infrastructure and desktop support has become extremely cumbersome for administrators to manage. Mixed with current budget pressures, it makes sense that many are turning to IT managed services and outsourced support to save money, increase up time and provide overall better service.

GB Tech services and methodologies can help bring to balance your institutional needs for IT services, management and support, tilting the scale in your favor while satisfying users who count on the technology most.

GB Tech Healthcare and Education Solutions include

  • Network monitoring & management
  • Electronic Health Records accuracy assurance & security
  • Risk evaluation
  • Remote access
  • Utilization tracking and record keeping
  • Receipts verification and validation
  • Laboratory operation
  • Scheduling and cost control
  • Medical processing services
  • Integrated program planning
  • Multi-site project management
  • Business metrics
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) testing
  • Inventory and management system accuracy and variance reconciliation
  • Inventory systems/database management