Higher Standards for Business-Critical Logistics

GB Tech’s transformative customer service model links the activities of every team member to the achievement of the customer’s business goals

Our customer service model: Listen • Respond • Act • Excel

GB Tech’s expertise in logistics operations began in the human spaceflight environment, where skillful scheduling, safety focus, and commitment to the mission are paramount. We continue this level of commitment for all our customers today.

We help our customers focus on their core business objectives by delivering logistics services that reduce costs, improve order cycle time, and establish new standards for customer service.

GB Tech seamlessly integrates as your in-house service provider, helping operations, materials management and logistics teams raise standards of performance. We constantly raise the bar for outsourced logistic services, using proven best practices in logistics and asset management processes that consistently exceed customer demands and client satisfaction.

At all stages of logistics management, customer service is an integral part of our strategic and tactical work. Performance of the highest degree is instilled in our culture company-wide.

Accelerating Asset Management Maturity

GB Tech helps companies accelerate their path in asset management maturity by delivering higher reliability and greater performance in service delivery. We help you elevate maintenance, transportation and logistics to the value chain.

GB Tech logistics services include

  • Project management
  • Process control
  • Inventory stocking & Management
  • Material issue
  • Packaging & shipping
  • Cycle counting
  • Transportation services
  • Asset management
  • Warehousing
  • Receiving dock operations
  • Process documentation training
  • Best practices implementation
  • Property Management

GB Tech is the recognized leader for

  • Precision in scope of services
  • On-time delivery
  • Implementing high-quality, innovative solutions
  • Meeting exact needs and budget
  • Raising standard practices for efficiency
  • Accuracy and quality assurance

GB Tech helps you meet new logistics standards and regulations

  • Physical Inventory & System Accuracy
  • Non-Conforming Material Control & Disposition
  • Equipment Inventory Storage Accounts Management
  • Equipment Move Coordination
  • Hazardous Materials Packaging & Transportation
  • Work Instructions & Safety Requirements
  • Record Retention of Government Documentation
  • Track & Document Team Member Training Requirements

GB Tech Benefits

  • GB Tech has the operational experience that is critical to reducing risk in safety, reliability, and other operational risks
  • GB Tech supports assets, hardware, infrastructure and logistics management to ensure operational excellence
  • We deliver services “on-the-ground” providing responsiveness to business intelligence
  • GB Tech clients freed up to focus on core business
  • Logistics services are transformed into our customer service model

Comprehensive Materials & Inventory Management Services

  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Storage & Tool Rooms
  • Material Kitting
  • Receiving & Shipping Dock
  • Packaging & Crating
  • Cycle Counting
  • Process Documentation
  • Training
  • Transportation
  • Local Area Small to Medium
  • Package Delivery

Meaningful Business Benefits

  • Experienced Shipping & Receiving Professionals
  • Best in Class Inventory Management
  • Safe and On Time Material Delivery
  • Effective Utilization of Business Tools
  • Detailed Project Management
  • Control and Management of Facilities & Storage Areas
  • Creative Warehouse Problem Solving
  • Accurate Budget & Cost Reporting