GB Tech Raises Standards for United Space Alliance Logistics at NASA

The Challenge

As NASA’s primary industry partner in human space operations, United Space Alliance (USA) sought out a provider of in-house logistics and business operations support services in a warehouse environment, including direct warehouse management and staffing and transportation services.

As part of its warehouse and transportation work, the provider would be tasked with contract administration, operations management, process improvements and cost reductions, and personnel and resource management. Critical and accurate reporting on operations status, business metrics, people forecasting, materials requirements, process flows and work instructions was required.

The Solution

GB Tech applied its customer service business model to drive innovation, cost savings and customer satisfaction while applying a safety first emphasis to all of its work with USA. GB Tech never accepts a status quo approach to business operations. Its mission is to improve operations and work as a partner with a focus on customer service. GB Tech defined requirements and expectations -- then worked to exceed them.

The Results

GB Tech enhanced customer support flexibility and eliminated fallback requirements on customer resources by cross training key personnel to ensure no single point of failure in work performance areas during periods of increased volume or decreased personnel. The retooled team members were quickly used in broader capacities, increasing the contract scope of work for GB Tech and overall customer satisfaction for USA.

Warehouse Inventory

Record accuracy was improved to 2% above the Best in Class Standard by incorporating a quality culture that emphasized team accuracy, ownership and self-check verification practices. Periodic inventories resulted in higher accuracy metrics by incorporating next-day validation of stock balances on all records that had a stock or issue activity.


GB Tech beat the business norm of a two- to three-day turn around on standard outbound shipments resulting in a new standard of same-day shipments. The new standard was accomplished by reforming the shipping process to a linear flow and increasing the visibility of work-in process and work queues. Improved upfront communication with customers’ packaging specifications and delivery requirements resulted in outstanding customer feedback surveys.


GB Tech staff have worked 725,000+ safe hours between 1999 to 2011 and have achieved 16 consecutive excellent award fee ratings.