GB Tech helps Meggitt Air Dynamics mitigate multiple risk factors on Department of Defense Joint Strike Fighter


Meggitt Air Dynamics, a subcontractor providing avionics equipment fans for the JSF program, needed product documentation and IV&V support for its software that controls a Fan Subsystem for the JSF.

An original attempt to conduct the Test Readiness Review (TRR) on Meggitt’s TMS Fan Controller Software was not successful because Meggitt did not have sufficient information about delivering software to the JSF Project. Meggitt brought in GB Tech to perform the test, write the Software Verification and Validation Plan (SVVP), and write the product’s formal requirements.


GB Tech thoroughly analyzed the code and, with the assistance of automated software verification tools, checked for and tested potential error conditions. GB Tech wrote the Unit Test Description with test cases and scripts, conducted the unit tests and collected result artifacts, and wrote the Unit Test Report, documenting testing procedures and results. Similarly, GB Tech wrote the Qualification Test description including test cases and scripts, performed dry runs and collected result artifacts.


As a direct result of GB Tech’s software testing efforts and expertise, Meggitt Air Dynamics successfully completed all TRR entrance criteria and presented this material at the review. With no major action items, the qualification process was completed successfully, with result artifacts and quality assurance witness stamps stored electronically. A final software test report was produced for the qualification test. Subsequent action items were addressed and closed.

Upon final completion of the software IV&V, GB Tech reported that it had discovered one problem that caused the processor to stop. Because GB Tech was able to find this issue early, it could be remedied prior to implementation into the Joint Strike Fighter program. By eliminating this risk, GB Tech helped Meggitt dramatically lower the cost of fixing the problem, lowering the cost of implementation and helping DOD approach its affordability objectives.