Logistics in the Port of Houston

Logistics and Project Management by GB Tech

At GB Tech, we’re about more than just technology. Over the years we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients across a range of industries. All of them have unique needs and constraints. Properly implementing a business solution, whether technological or otherwise, takes exceptional logistical and project management skills.

We often encounter potential clients who are in a pretty serious bind due to poor planning, insufficient resources, or simple bad luck. Our goal with these clients is to turn their precarious position into a strength. We do this by overhauling processes, managing human resources, and streamlining supply chains.

Our Track Record

We work for clients of every size in every industry, but some of our most impressive project management work has been for large multinational corporations and government subcontractors.

In one such instance, GB Tech was called in to help Jacobs Technology manage a large-scale inventory project at Johnson Space Center. When our client was on pace to miss multiple deadlines, we stepped in to take over staffing duties. This allowed us to expedite security clearance for workers and get things back on track.

The scale of this project was significant, involving 42,000 line items and more than 3 million piece parts of equipment. We had to scale up our own logistics team to succeed, but in the end the project was completed six weeks ahead of schedule and 50% under budget.

These are the kinds of situations that GB Tech specializes in: crises where the odds seem stacked against our clients, and a change in project management philosophy is needed to get the right results. Our mentality has been the same ever since our foundation: our clients’ mission is critical to them. As such we are unwilling to accept imperfection in helping them complete it.

Why You Need Logistics

Great logistics can make every business better. Many times companies win or lose as a result of logistical prowess or lack thereof. Great supply chain management is one of the top contributing factors to the dominance of Wal-Mart, among other retail giants.

Logistics are particularly important if your business is reliant on quick turnaround times low inventory. Businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and hospitals simply can’t afford to run out of essential supplies. But stocking too many at once can be wasteful. If businesses like these don’t maintain a healthy inventory it could be devastating to their finances and reputation.

Logistics by GB Tech

If you’re not pleased with how your business is currently managing its logistics, or if you’ve experienced the consequences of a logistical failure, it may be time to consider outsourcing your logistical and project management capabilities to GB Tech. Our service is scalable and flexible. We have decades of experience in adapting our team and services to fit the unique needs of our clients.

We’ll help you reach your full potential, and we’ll do it quickly. Reach out today to find out more about what GB Tech can do for you.