Penetration Testing

Recreate real life attempts to breach your systems or locations, to identify any remaining weaknesses in your security.

What are the advantages of Penetration Testing?

Often going hand in hand with a Vulnerability Assessment (an essential security evaluation process) Penetration Testing involves a series of simulated real-life cyber attacks on your network. The aim is to test the security measures you have in place, and their effectiveness in combating various types of attack – especially after any major changes to your business infrastructure.

Why do I need Penetration Testing?

You need penetration testing to ensure that your organization’s security policies are effective at keeping intruders out. They are a test and can help provide solutions that will prevent attackers from infiltrating your systems.

When to carry out Penetration Testing?

Often misunderstood at the first step in assessing your cybersecurity strength, a series of penetration tests (or ‘red team exercises’ as they are known as) should actually be implemented further down the line.

A thorough Vulnerability Assessment and/or Security Maturity Assessment should be carried out, followed by remedial work and compliance requirements, then you will get the most benefit from subsequent tests.

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