Digital Email

Email Security for SMB Success

Email has become essential for organizations, enabling collaboration, information sharing, and customer engagement. However, this dependence exposes SMBs to a multitude of cyber threats. Explore our blog on 9 tips to strengthen email security and protect your business from potential risks.
Reduced IT Cost

Cutting IT costs with Managed IT Services

You might be surprised to learn that pumping money into your IT infrastructure won't necessarily make it faster, safer, or more reliable. IT performance is all about efficiency. Stop losing money on IT; get the most out of your investments with managed IT services.
Cyber protection Concept

4 reasons to consider Cyber Liability Insurance for your business

Protect your business from cybercrime with Cyber Liability Insurance. Learn 4 reasons why it's a must-have in today's business.
Migrating data to the cloud

Cloud Migration Conundrum: Choosing Between Private, Public, and Hybrid

If you are considering migrating your data to the cloud, it is essential to understand the different cloud models available. This article explores the pros and cons of private, public, and hybrid clouds to help you determine the best fit for your business.
Mobile device security

7 good habits for mobile device security

With the increasing use of mobile devices for personal and business activities, it is crucial to develop good habits to ensure mobile device security. In this article, we outline seven essential habits to help you protect your data and prevent unauthorized access to your device.
Top 10 reasons

10 things to look for in a managed service provider

Not all managed IT service providers are the same. The trick to getting the most out of an MSP is picking one that matches your organization’s IT demands. You can tell a good MSP by the traits, qualities, and deliverables that indicate their commitment to outstanding IT services.

7 easy ways to save money on technology and IT services

Are you spending too much on IT? In a digital-first business environment, IT expenses can really pile up and quickly get out of hand. So, optimizing your IT budget for cost reduction is important to maximize returns on your digital investments.
Virtual Business Meeting

Top 4 Signs Your Company might need to Hire a Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Does your organization need a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)? Unlike traditional CISOs, vCISOs fit companies of all sizes regardless of their IT footprint or security needs. A vCISO would be a convenient and affordable solution to all your company's IT security issues.
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Ways to Minimize Human Error Threats

Employees are your organization’s first and crucial line of defense against cyberattacks. But they’re also the weakest link in your cybersecurity framework. You can reduce your cyber risk factor by 82% simply by addressing human error in cybersecurity.
Windows software update

What Windows 8 end of support means for you

The remaining tech and software support for Windows 8 ended on January 10, 2023. For users, this means no more software updates or technical assistance — so, what should businesses do next? Whether you want to stay on Windows 8 or upgrade your software, here's an overview of your options.