The Cost of Downtime Concept

How expensive is IT downtime- A real-world example

Other expenses, such as lost sales opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, and employee overtime pay, can add another $3,000 per hour. Summing these components, the total cost of downtime per hour is approximately $20,707.
Ransomware Attack on Data

The 3 Reasons Why Your Backups Won't Help in a Breach with Ransomware

This blog dives into the critical issue of ransomware attacks and the surprising ineffectiveness of backups. It highlights a startling statistic from Veeam and further explores the persistent threat that remains even after data restoration.
Power Outage Cityscape

Overcome Power Outage Fears: How Business Continuity Can Help You

As power outages loom this summer, learn how a Business Continuity strategy can shield your organization from downtime, safeguarding your critical functions and maintaining operational efficiency.
Data Backup to Cloud

Data backup and recovery made simple

A dependable data backup and disaster recovery strategy is essential for business continuity and survival. Base your data backup plan on the 3-2-1-1 rule to spread out data loss risks and ensure data availability and integrity even in the face of IT disasters.

The 5 benefits of managed business continuity

Too often, businesses fail because they don't have an effective strategy for handling service disruption. So, how do you ensure your company is ready for anything, whether it's a global pandemic or a cyber attack? By outsourcing your business continuity management to IT experts – here's why.

How to reassess and improve your current business continuity framework

A robust and rigid continuity framework is not enough to guarantee business survival, especially during a crisis. You have to repeatedly reevaluate your continuity plan and rethink some of your old strategies in order to handle new challenges and threats.

Business continuity and co-location

Co-location offers a balance between cost, security, control, and flexibility, making it a smart choice for organizations that are looking for shared data center services as part of their backup and disaster recovery plan, yet they still want to retain ownership over their servers. Find out how it can strengthen your business continuity plan.

Enhancing your business continuity strategy with cybersecurity

A majority of business operations are often affected by cybersecurity response following a disruptive incident. Given the heavy reliance of modern businesses on technology, it has become impossible to detach cybersecurity responsiveness from business continuity management.

How to create a business continuity framework

A business continuity framework minimizes company downtime, boosts productivity, reduces wasted costs, and helps you meet your compliance requirements — but how do you create one? Here's what you need to know about business continuity frameworks and how to draft one for your company.

An exploration of the ideal business continuity strategy

Nowadays, businesses are highly susceptible to a growing number of threats, mostly due to the over reliance on delicate technologies. Business continuity planning is a way to anticipate and prepare for these threats and guarantee business survival through disasters.