Digital Email

Email Security for SMB Success

Email has become essential for organizations, enabling collaboration, information sharing, and customer engagement. However, this dependence exposes SMBs to a multitude of cyber threats. Explore our blog on 9 tips to strengthen email security and protect your business from potential risks.
Protecting organization with cybersecurity

7 tips for keeping your organization cyber safe

Did you know that cyber vulnerabilities are among the top global threats? You should be concerned about cyber insecurity. But more importantly, prepare your organization, IT infrastructure, employees, and even customers to face every possible cyber threat.
Multi-factor Authentication USB on Keyboard

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA), and why should I use it?

Many businesses, software vendors, and online services are moving away from password-only verification to multi-factor authentication, and you should, too. Passwords are fundamentally flawed and notoriously difficult to secure. MFA makes user identity and access management safer and more dependable.