Employee Training Meeting

Why regular employee training matters

Is employee training a priority for your business? Well, if you want to keep your business running smoothly – and protect your private data – you should train your staff regularly. Here's why your employees will benefit from regular training and tips for how to train them effectively.
Business Meeting

5 reasons why CEOs don't care about cybersecurity

Although cyberattacks and similar incidents highlight the significance of developing and adhering to a strict cybersecurity strategy, some CEOs still fail to prioritize it. Why do CEOs seem not to care about cybersecurity? Here, we dissect the reasons and provide counterarguments.
Password Manager

Why you need to start using a password manager

A majority of data breaches involve weak or stolen login credentials. In addition to standard cybersecurity practices, a password manager with two-factor authentication (2FA) allows you to create unique, strong codes for each account without remembering each one separately.
Blockchain Visual Concept

The truth about blockchain

When you think of the word "blockchain," what does it mean to you? Blockchain technology can seem confusing if you're unfamiliar with how it works, but once you learn the basics, you can decide whether it suits your business. With that in mind, here's an introduction to blockchain.
Man using VoIP service on mobile phone

Your future with VoIP

The biggest advantage of VoIP is lower costs. VoIP is significantly cheaper for companies than standard telephone service. It also saves organizations time and labor costs. In fact, VoIP adopters can see an impressive average cost savings of 50%.
cloud migration

Moving to the cloud with no fear

Are you afraid of moving your digital operations to the cloud? Settle all your cloud migration concerns by walking hand-in-hand with a cloud expert through the entire cloud implementation journey. Then, you'll find there's nothing scary about the cloud.

What is the deal with cryptocurrency?

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, there are multiple cryptocurrencies out there. But what is "cryptocurrency" anyway, and does it offer you any advantages over other more traditional forms of currency? Here's a rundown of cryptocurrency, how it works, and its main advantages and drawbacks.
Cybersecurity Now and Beyond

Cybersecurity now and beyond

What's the future of cybersecurity? AI will dominate cybersecurity, the security skills gap will widen, and we'll see more IoT threats in the next decade.
Dark Web Concept

What you need to know about the dark web

Did you know that the "dark web" presents a genuine security threat to your business? It's crucial you understand how the dark web works and why it's a security threat. But even more importantly, you need to know how to protect your business data from the cybercriminals who thrive there.
Protecting organization with cybersecurity

7 tips for keeping your organization cyber safe

Did you know that cyber vulnerabilities are among the top global threats? You should be concerned about cyber insecurity. But more importantly, prepare your organization, IT infrastructure, employees, and even customers to face every possible cyber threat.