AI in arms race

Bringing AI to the cybersecurity arms race

Safeguarding digital assets is now a war of intelligence. Thanks to AI, you can deploy sophisticated systems to automate various IT security processes. But attackers are also responding in kind with smarter threats and tactics. It all comes down to who can outwit the other.
Fortified Stone Wall representation of security

Build a cybersecurity castle for ultimate protection

Sensitive data requires the extra security of a cybersecurity castle. Protect your organization’s reputation and revenue with these seven layers.
Data Backup to Cloud

Data backup and recovery made simple

A dependable data backup and disaster recovery strategy is essential for business continuity and survival. Base your data backup plan on the 3-2-1-1 rule to spread out data loss risks and ensure data availability and integrity even in the face of IT disasters.
Productivity Remote worker on laptop

Increase productivity with these Chrome extensions

Chrome is the most popular desktop internet browser today, thanks to its ability to load applications, multiple tabs, and web pages with lightning speed. Boost productivity with these Chrome extensions –StayFocused, OneTab, Mercury Reader, Grammarly for Chrome, Ghostery, Todoist, and LastPass.
VPN diagram

3 smart reasons to start using a VPN

Some people believe that there is no such thing as online privacy. But there is, and it's easier to achieve than you think. VPNs are the simple online tools that make online privacy a reality for any internet user, regardless of their location, device, ISP, or access point.
Multi-factor Authentication USB on Keyboard

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA), and why should I use it?

Many businesses, software vendors, and online services are moving away from password-only verification to multi-factor authentication, and you should, too. Passwords are fundamentally flawed and notoriously difficult to secure. MFA makes user identity and access management safer and more dependable.
Secure web browsing

The best Chrome extensions for online security and privacy

Did you know that websites can breach your online privacy by collecting, storing, and using your browsing data even without your consent? These privacy violations may start with harmless intentions. Still, they can end up exposing you to online dangers and risks.
Vulnerability testing concept

Minimizing cyber risks with vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Pentesting vs. vulnerability assessment: which is better? Actually, either one of these processes can give you valuable and actionable insights into any sensitive vulnerabilities lurking with your IT infrastructure. Pentesting and vulnerability testing can work in tandem to mitigate risks.
Risk assessment Meeting

The importance of business risk assessment

Every business faces perils that might harm its assets, mission, employees, revenue, or reputation. A big part of running a business is all about managing these risks. Conducting a thorough risk assessment shows you all the potential threats to your business and how to handle them.
Wi-Fi Signal Boosting

Tips on how to boost your Wi-Fi signal

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a slow Wi-Fi connection. But you don't have to endure excruciatingly slow speeds when you can easily do something about it. In most cases, it's avoidable problems in the Wi-Fi network that cause sluggish transfers.