Wi-Fi Signal Boosting

Tips on how to boost your Wi-Fi signal

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a slow Wi-Fi connection. But you don't have to endure excruciatingly slow speeds when you can easily do something about it. In most cases, it's avoidable problems in the Wi-Fi network that cause sluggish transfers.

Why relying on SMS-based two-factor authentication is a mistake

There is no question about it; 2FA is a far superior identity and access management system than the traditional username-password sign-on. It adds an extra security layer to protect user accounts from password-related hacks. However, 2FA's effectiveness depends on the method and means used.
Business woman using apps in the office

6 easy to use applications for increased productivity

Workplace digitization has become inevitable. The trick to getting the most out of digitization is empowering employees with productivity-focused tools. Implement workplace apps that minimize information clutter, distractions, miscommunications, and risks.
Managed IT review meeting

Understanding the real value of managed IT

Outsourcing IT management is a common practice in the modern business environment. But all MSPs are not made equal, and outsourcing needs vary between enterprises. What's important is understanding the value your business gets from a managed services provider.
Managed IT services vs Break/fix

Why choose managed IT services over break/fix IT support?

Managed IT services or break/fix IT support? This question has an easy choice once you consider the perks of working with an MSP. The traditional break/fix IT support model simply can't keep up with modern IT systems' performance, reliability, and security demands
Managed IT services - team vs individual

Benefits of hiring a team of professionals vs. an individual

It takes a team to run a corporate IT infrastructure smoothly. So, why not base IT management on team effort instead of designating IT roles to individual employees? From economic and performance perspectives, it makes sense to hire a managed IT services provider rather than individuals.
Cybersecurity DDoS Traffic

Everything you need to know about DDoS attacks

Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) started in the late '90s mainly as a way for hackers to show off skills or get their kicks. But times have changed since then. Today, the DDoS threat has evolved into a severe cybersecurity concern for businesses around the world.
Cyber threat landscape concept

How the cyber threat landscape has evolved in 2021

Modern cyber threats are evolving much faster than most security teams can keep up. Social engineering attacks and malware infections are becoming harder to detect and stop. Also, cybercriminals are now setting their sights on new attack vectors and avenues.
Employees training for security

Employing security training: What you need to know

Employee cybersecurity training can eliminate or mitigate the largest security threat facing your organization – the human element. Effective training can quickly turn your staff from the company's weakest security link to its strongest cybersecurity pillar.
Spreading cyberattack protection

How AI is dominating the cyberattack sphere

AI has advanced far enough that it’s now commonplace in cybersecurity. In the wrong hands, AI can create sophisticated malware, fast password hacking tools, and persuasive social engineering scams. But it can also be a force for good, helping protect organizations against complex cyber threats.