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How to Stop Business Interruption and Save Your Business

Congratulations. If you are considering a data backup plan, you are way ahead of the curve.
Tech businessman using graphic security system

How to keep your network secure

Since cyberattacks can devastate SMBs and irreparably damage their bottom line, it's important that business owners do everything they can to keep their networks safe. Here are 10 steps you can take today to protect your network from hackers and data breaches.
cloud computing

The basics of cloud computing

Even if you don’t work in technology, you’ve probably heard of cloud computing. Writers, accountants, and even landscapers use cloud computing. So do hugely popular services such as Netflix. Here's a look at the basics of cloud computing and how it can benefit your business.
Downtime in business symbolized by falling blocks.

How Expensive Is Downtime, Anyway?

Downtime affect companies based on several factors, but you can expect downtime to harm you in the following ways.
BDR plan needed for this big thunderstorm.

How to Create the Perfect BDR Plan

You don't have a way to guarantee that a disaster never strikes, but the right BDR plan can minimize the impact and risk of the situation.
Cloud computing for modern businesses.

3 Types of Clouds: Which is Right for You?

Find out what makes each cloud setup unique and the pros and cons for business use.
The current state of cloud computing.

What Does the Modern Cloud Look Like?

The evolution of cloud computing has been an incredible thing to watch for businesses.
Server restoration as a part of a BDR plan.

Hurricane Harvey and Other Disasters: Why Your Business Needs a BDR Plan

Companies with a BDR (backup and disaster recovery) plan minimized their losses during Hurricane Harvey.
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How to Prepare Your Business for Unexpected Disasters

If we learned anything from Hurricane Harvey, it’s that preparation is never regretted.
A human makes a data backup mistake.

Data Backups and the Erroneous Behavior of Your Employees

The number one threat to your business’s data is your employees.