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3 Reasons Why Your Business Can't Afford DIY Cybersecurity

In a digital age where one breach can shatter a company, cybersecurity is more than just a sideline task – it's mission-critical. CTOs, CIOs, and managers, take note: here's a candid look at why DIY cybersecurity is a gamble you shouldn't take. Protect your data, people, and reputation; don't leave your organization exposed.
Multi-factor Authentication USB on Keyboard

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA), and why should I use it?

Many businesses, software vendors, and online services are moving away from password-only verification to multi-factor authentication, and you should, too. Passwords are fundamentally flawed and notoriously difficult to secure. MFA makes user identity and access management safer and more dependable.
Vulnerability testing concept

Minimizing cyber risks with vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Pentesting vs. vulnerability assessment: which is better? Actually, either one of these processes can give you valuable and actionable insights into any sensitive vulnerabilities lurking with your IT infrastructure. Pentesting and vulnerability testing can work in tandem to mitigate risks.
Risk assessment Meeting

The importance of business risk assessment

Every business faces perils that might harm its assets, mission, employees, revenue, or reputation. A big part of running a business is all about managing these risks. Conducting a thorough risk assessment shows you all the potential threats to your business and how to handle them.
Building a strong foundation for security

Set the security foundation in your business for future success

Having strong security practices is a key necessity for every business. It’s a way to ensure your team stays. With threats becoming more sophisticated and happening more often, it’s important your business stays protected.
Security Technology

Top 5 main security technologies you need to know about

Security systems evolve as technology advances, and the need for new protection capabilities emerge. Entrepreneurs and companies must keep up with what’s new and relevant in the data security world to get the most out of their cybersecurity investments.

The anatomy of a cybersecurity framework

The cyber threat landscape is changing all the time, which means it's more important than ever to ensure your security compliance is watertight. That's where the NIST cybersecurity framework comes in. Here's an introduction to the framework – and some industry-specific compliance tips.
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Should you virtualize?

Virtualization is a useful tool for businesses that can save time, improve security, and cut IT costs for businesses. Here’s what you should know about it.
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How to keep your network secure

Since cyberattacks can devastate SMBs and irreparably damage their bottom line, it's important that business owners do everything they can to keep their networks safe. Here are 10 steps you can take today to protect your network from hackers and data breaches.
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2019 application security trends and predictions

From improved strategies to dealing with data breaches and fraud to continuing challenges in dealing with security processes and keeping up with developing technology, the future of cybersecurity issues continues to be one of change and the need to adapt quickly.