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The Cloud: Why It’s More Important than Ever

The cloud is an ever-expanding technology that has revolutionized not only the internet but the way businesses function.
Managed services is like a pre-flight checklist for business.

The managed services pre-flight checklist

The right managed services provider (MSP) is your technology co-pilot.
An old man didn't use data backup best practices.

How to Prepare Your Business for Unexpected Disasters

If we learned anything from Hurricane Harvey, it’s that preparation is never regretted.
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Data loss on a hard drive.

Data Loss Disasters: Bad Decisions Revisited

There are a number of ways a simple employee mistake can cause irreparable damage to your business, and these mistakes happen at all levels of business despite the position or experience
business interruption

3 of the Worst IT-related Disasters Ever (And What You Can Learn From Them)

70 million unhappy customers is not good for business, especially when it costs the company $252 million dollars. How does that even happen? Actually, Target was hit the same way many businesses are attacked–through phishing.
NOC Services

Your NOC Services are Like a Space Station for Your Business

Just like observational satellites can get high resolution, zoomed-out views of earth, a network operations center can observe your network from afar and make sure everything is going according to plan.
Software Testing in the Mariner 1 mission.

Why You Must Never Neglect Software Testing

After nearly 20 million dollars, the rocket was ready to fire. Thousands of the best and brightest American minds had poured their hearts and souls into the creation of the star-bound vehicle. But things didn’t go as planned.