Employee Training Meeting

Why regular employee training matters

Did you know that 76 percent of staff find companies more appealing if they offer employee training opportunities? In other words, if you want to attract – and retain – the best talent, you will benefit from prioritizing staff training and development. Here’s a look at four reasons why regular employee training can help your business thrive and tips for integrating training opportunities into your business.  

1. Boost staff efficiency

This one’s unsurprising, really – trained staff are more efficient. Here’s why:

  • Trained employees are less likely to make mistakes, so there’s less chance of them wasting time redoing work.
  • Staff who don’t understand how to use their hardware or software properly could become frustrated and become less productive. 

Regular training reduces the need for employees to require additional support, improving your day-to-day operational efficiency in your company.

2. Retain the best employees

Providing regular, effective employee training is necessary to retain and recruit the best staff for your business. 

How does training affect retention? Well, for one thing, by helping employees develop new skills, you’re showing them that you value their personal development. And when staff feels valued, morale increases, making them more likely to give you their best work every time.  

3. Improve your cybersecurity

Want to boost your cybersecurity quickly? Then frequent employee training around cybersecurity is a must. 

According to statistics, at least 82 percent of data breaches involve human error. Employee training reduces the risk of breaches since your staff can spot potential threats.

4. Save money

Here’s one final benefit of regular employee training: it can save you money in the long run. Trained staff are less likely to make costly mistakes, for one thing, but they’re also less likely to leave your company if they feel adequately supported and have the opportunity to develop their skills. 

The outcome? Less money and resources spent on recruiting and onboarding staff, which helps you maximize your bottom line.

Tips to improve employee training

Now we’re clear on why staff training matters – here are some tips for training staff effectively.

  • Involve your staff in the process – survey them or ask them what training they would need to perform at their best.
  • Devise ways to track employee progress so they can reflect on their learning and identify where they need extra support. 
  • Make learning flexible. Let staff access training modules remotely at a time when it suits them.
  • Consider hiring an IT services provider to help aid in training around cybersecurity awareness.

Staff training with GB Tech 

Invest in regular employee training if you hope to grow and improve your business. With a partnership with GB Tech, we can arm your staff with the training they can use to keep your business running smoothly and reduce the chance of costly errors by your team. Contact us to learn more.