4 ways an IT consultant can help you finance better technology

4 ways an IT consultant can help you finance better technology

Did you know that almost one in three small businesses that fail go under because they ran out of cash?

It’s no secret that it costs money to run a business. But it’s also no secret that if a business is to compete in the modern-day marketplace, they must invest in reliable, effective technology. With the right equipment, you can boost your team’s productivity and give your clients and customers a better experience – two critical growth drivers.  

Beyond enhancing the efficiency and scope of your processes and operations, technology protects data – both your business data and your team’s and clients’ personal information. News of cyberattacks and devastating security breaches flood the headlines. Without the proper defenses in place, could your business be next?

“When we hear about attacks we’re usually quick to blame the hackers, but in almost every case there were security measures that could have be taken to prevent the attacks, and which other businesses should be following to ensure they don’t become the next victim.” – TechRadar

But what if you don’t have the funds to purchase the hardware and software you need? That’s where an IT consultant can help.

A trusted IT consultant will give you access to a whole host of flexible financing options that you can use to get your hands on the IT your business needs to flourish.

Financial challenges blocking small business tech

The roadblocks preventing small businesses from procuring the IT they need are complex and varied. Here are a few of the most common financial challenges:

  • Unreliable, uneven, or season-dependent cash flow
  • Budgeting restrictions
  • Tax considerations
  • Obsolescence and redundancy
  • Environmental sustainability concerns
  • IT assets management concerns
  • Complex, inflexible offerings with vendors

To combat these challenges, business owners may choose to lease their technology, but this isn’t always straightforward. Contracts may have strict maintenance requirements, long term periods, and requirements hidden deep in the fine print.

What’s more, the market is saturated with equipment, cloud-computing software, security services, and other tech. If you’re not necessarily experienced with technology, choosing a solution can be extremely overwhelming.

But there is another way – working with an IT consultant.

How does the IT consultant help? 

Enlisting the help of an experienced IT consultant can help you finance better technology in four critical ways. Let’s take a look.

1. They offer expert advice

Your IT consultant knows the market. They are familiar with a range of solutions, and they are more than happy to share the pros and cons of each with you. When you work with a pro, you get access to the best equipment and software solutions available.

2. They protect you from scams and unfavorable terms

Tech companies are trying to sell you their services – and squeeze every last dollar out of you. When you work with an IT consultant, you can shop confidently knowing you have someone you can trust on your side.

3. They can connect you with a range of financing solutions

Your IT managed services provider can connect you with a variety of easy and economical financing options, including:

  • Deferred payment
  • Payments that correspond to changes in cash flow
  • Lease structures that meet your tax obligations and goals
  • Capital lease structures to meet your accounting obligations and goals
  • Technology refresh planning that accounts for assumptions of obsolescence

4. They can assist with implementation and training

You found and financed new equipment – now what? The best IT consultants will take care of migration and implementation, and may even train your team on how to get the most out of your new tech.

In summation:

  • Businesses face budgeting restriction but cannot afford to skimp on equipment, software, and security defenses
  • An IT consultant can offer expert advice on which tech to finance.
  • They can protect you from vendors that push unfavorable terms.
  • They can connect you to a range of flexible, economical financing options.
  • Finally, a trusted IT consultant can assist with implementation and staff training.