Managed IT services - team vs individual

Benefits of hiring a team of professionals vs. an individual

IT has become an integral part of modern commerce. But servers, workstations, and networks can’t truly run on their own. Digital systems need IT experts to continuously service, monitor and fine-tune various devices.

Traditionally, most companies have had internal IT teams caring for their IT infrastructures. This method means hiring one professional at a time and assigning them a particular role. However, this IT labor setup is rapidly changing as more and more businesses look to IT outsourcing. Delegating technical tasks to a managed IT services provider has several perks, including cost savings, predictable budgeting, and staff augmentation. 

But most of all, partnering with an IT provider means you get a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals instead of an individual.

With more hands, you can get things done faster and more efficiently. Let’s look at even more benefits of hiring a team instead of a single employee.

Costs about the same or less

The average base salary of an IT professional is about $62,000 per year. This price doesn’t include the cost of hiring, which should be at least a third of the salary, nor additional employee benefit and accommodation costs. So, hiring an IT expert will end up costing way more than the $62,000 a year.

Somewhat surprisingly, hiring a managed IT services provider will cost about the same, if not less. Except you don’t get just a pair of hands but a team of experts. MSP pricing is also flexible (depending on your IT scope) and structured in predictable fixed installments. That way, you can accurately plan your IT spending.

Access to a broad set of skills

For the last year or so, skilled labor has become harder to find. The ongoing labor shortage has left countless employers with hard-to-fill job positions. The IT labor market has also felt the pinch from this labor crisis. IT positions are even tougher to fill since they often require specific skill sets and some level of experience.

Many entrepreneurs find the easiest way to get qualified technical expertise is by partnering with an IT services provider. The best thing about having an IT team by your side is the talent and skill diversity it brings to the table. While their specialization limits an individual’s skills scope, a team’s capability compounds the talents of all members. 

So, a single team can meet all your IT needs, from systems management and cloud computing to cybersecurity.

24/7 availability

An MSP’s team is a different entity from a regular employee. An employee can only work within stipulated hours and may call in sick or take leaves unexpectedly. But an MSP is there to serve you around the clock. Outsourced IT teams do not take vacation days and will never call in sick. And that’s what you need when running a critical 24-hour IT enterprise.

Better problem-solving

Two heads are better than one at solving problems. Managed IT services providers put all their best professionals to work when it comes to developing unique solutions. It’s much easier to brainstorm new ideas in a big group since everyone brings a unique take on the problem. Ultimately, teamwork helps solve problems quickly and more accurately, making for faster IT maneuvering and agility.

IT management is an enormous responsibility. Traditional talent acquisition methods can make it difficult and expensive to maintain IT performance, security, and efficiency. Partnering with an MSP simplifies IT management by augmenting your staff with boundless expertise. Enjoy these and more benefits by teaming up with GB Tech, your dedicated IT partner. Our goal is to provide businesses with the necessary digital resources for growth. Contact us and start the journey to achieving your IT goals.