GB Tech IT services for Houston Businesses

GB Tech’s New Look Reflects Its Commitment to Houston Businesses

As a technology provider, we’ve always understood that our work isn’t necessarily flashy. When your business technology is working well, it’s usually not something you pay attention to. When it goes wrong, you care primarily about results. Ensuring that our work is done quickly and perfectly the first time has always been the top priority at GB Tech, and we think we’ve gotten pretty good at that over the last 30 years.

With that in mind, we set out to make sure that our image is reflective of the quality of our service. Our new website, beyond being a perfect platform with which to present our services, is also a tribute to our history and our ties to Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.

The Importance of Houston

We didn’t just randomly decide to open a business in Houston in 1986. This is the city that built us. It’s where our founders and earliest employees cut their teeth at NASA before heeding their entrepreneurial spirit.

The fact that Houston is the home of NASA is far from the only reason GB Tech calls this city home. The Port of Houston is one of the largest in the country, a logistical and industrial masterpiece surpassed only by the Panama Canal in influence over trade in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a city where nearly every industry has learned to thrive, from aerospace to petroleum to healthcare. We’re proud of our city, and we want to help the businesses that make it great reach their full potential.

The Meaning of the Site

The references to our roots that you see throughout the website speak for themselves. Our early work in the aerospace and human spaceflight markets made us who we are. The repeated allusions to spaceflight aren’t just a tribute to our earliest work, however; they’re meant to convey the sense of wonder that comes with any great journey. When you set a goal, GB Tech’s mission is to help you reach it.

In their own way, the orange and blue that have been a part of our identity for so long carry their own meaning. That blue is evocative of the sky, the sea, and the flag of Houston. The orange brings to mind the ignition of a rocket engine – or the Astros if you’re feeling sporty.

Here to Stay

GB Tech has a wealth of experience we’d love to share, and we aren’t going anywhere. If your business is looking for a stable, knowledgeable, and honest technology provider, we’d love to discuss what GB Tech can do to help you achieve your goals. Hopefully, our new site has already given you an idea of what we have to offer. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out today.