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Help!: The Importance of a Dedicated Help Desk for Your Business

“You would be surprised how many times an impromptu support call ends up saving the day.”

The thing about technical and network problems is that they never happen when you want them to happen. You don’t really want them to happen at all. But, they will. And when they do, resolutions are much easier if you have a dedicated help desk support. In fact, you would be surprised how many times an impromptu support call ends up saving the day.

Here are a few scenarios that have popped up in the past. They serve to illustrate how help desk support will help your business heighten productivity and avoid financial losses.


Flexible availability is one of the main reasons businesses hire managed help desks. Just because your office closes at 5PM, doesn’t mean your business does. You need to make sure that after-hours incidents can be resolved quickly.

Often, employees are at a standstill when they have technical issues. This eats up productivity and payroll. One study showed that employees waste as much as 22 minutes per day on technical issues. That’s 95 hours per year, per employee in lost productivity. With help desk support, that time can be dedicated to the actual business of your business.

Around-the-clock is also important when you consider that most workforces are becoming increasingly more mobile, and that 72% of businesses are permitting employees to bring their own devices to work. A managed service help desk is available to assist employees with network issues across all devices without limitation to time. The sooner your employees are connected, they sooner they are working and your customers are being served.


Another reason we often encourage people to use help desk services is that we benefit from the eclectic experience of covering a full range of technical issues.

When GB Tech works with a business, we’re excited to be there to resolve issues and keep your business running smooth. Often, our potential customers will hesitate on including a help desk in their managed services solution. That’s when we have to show them the numbers and talk about downtime.

The entire point of a help desk is to assist your employees in keeping your business running. The alternative is downtime, which is a big hit to businesses. Just one hour of network downtime can cost $100,000.

When you are trusting your business with an MSP help desk, you don’t want to go in blind. You want a company that has proven themselves.

We’ve been around for more than 30 years, honing our craft since the early days of the IT industry. Our team has worked with NASA, the Department of Defense, and countless other clients that operate in high stress environments with low-risk tolerance.

Are you ready to make one giant leap for your business?

Do you feel like your business could benefit from a managed help desk? Our help desk technicians have proven out-of-this-world success. We’d be happy to bring that experience to your business.

Please contact us and we can chat about how we can put one to work for your business.