NOC Services

Your NOC Services are Like a Space Station for Your Business

We’ve talked before about how a Network Operations Center (NOC) is a lot like NASA’s Mission Control Center, capable of “zooming in” on your network and tweaking even the smallest processes. This allows you to create an ultra-efficient infrastructure for your business. The cool thing is that NOC  services are also a lot like the International Space Station, this time taking a “zoom out” approach.

In the ISS, some of Earth’s most renowned scientists conduct groundbreaking experiments and keep watch over our planet. From space, these professionals are capable of noticing anomalies that people down on Earth can’t see. This is exactly what you want out of an NOC.

NOC Services stop cyberattacks in their tracks.

From space NASA can monitor asteroid movement and even take action to protect Earth if an asteroid gets too close for comfort. This can even involve re-routing the asteroid and gathering data for future use.

A NOC center does the same thing. For instance, when hackers attempt a cyberattack, they often do so by overloading businesses with traffic. From a bird’s eye view, the NOC can notice if there’s a sudden influx of dangerous traffic and then re-route the data through a filter so that the treasurable data doesn’t get thrown out with the trash.

NOCs provide ongoing protection from an ongoing flux of cyberattacks. And while some companies like AT&T report that “On any particular day, AT&T sees over 1,000,000 attempts to break in or attack their network”, smaller businesses are subject to the same vicious attacks. Entrepreneur has even reported that “a direct cyberattack can cost businesses as much as $40,000 per hour”.

NOC Services eliminate downtime.

When the team at NASA decides to re-route an asteroid, that’s because they understand that an asteroid hitting earth could cause a catastrophic disaster. We’ve all seen the disaster movies. The plot of “Deep Impact” isn’t something you want happening to your planet or your business network.

One of the primary goals of any NOC is to facilitate continuity of your business and eliminate any downtime. Avoiding downtime means big savings in your office, with one ITIC report finding that “98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000”.

NOC Services optimize resources.

The ISS is a hub for resource allocation. When companies like NASA and SpaceX send resources to ISS, they don’t have a lot of space. In order to make the best use of cargo space, everything must done efficiently as possible.

In a Network Operations Center, the technicians understand exactly which resources to allocate to which issues. For instance, if NOC technicians anticipate consistent network traffic at a given time every night, they can boost speeds during optimum hours to provide better end-user experience.

Mission Countdown 3, 2, 1

At GB Tech, it’s our mission to provide NOC Services that will defend from cyberattacks, notice incoming anomalies, save you money with resource allocation, and eliminate downtime. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat more about how NOC services can help your business.