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Has Your Organization Outgrown Your MSP?

Once upon a time, we chose our first Managed Service Provider (MSP) with high hopes and expectations. They were the knights in shining armor for our IT woes and troubles. But like a first love, sometimes the fit isn’t meant to last forever. As our business blossomed, complexities unfolded, and what once was a snug partnership began to feel constricting, like an outgrown vine. The cues were initially subtle—an ignored email here, a delayed response there—but a pattern starts to form. 

Let’s dive into why a growing business might have outgrown its MSP, much like a hermit crab seeking a new shell when it has outgrown its old one. It’s not just about needing more space but finding a habitat that fits the new you.

Reason 1: High Employee Turnover

If you’ve noticed a revolving door at your MSP, it’s a glaring red flag. High turnover can lead to inconsistency and a drop in service quality. Statistics show that companies with a high employee turnover rate can incur costs up to twice an employee’s salary due to recruitment and training. That’s not what you signed up for.

Reason 2: Strategic Misalignment

Your MSP should be in lockstep with your business objectives. If your MSP’s strategic direction doesn’t align with your long-term goals, it’s similar to rowing a boat in opposite directions – you’ll go nowhere.

Reason 3: Security Concerns

In a survey, 43% of cyber attacks were aimed at small to midsize businesses, yet only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. When your MSP lags in implementing robust security measures, it’s not just your data at risk but your compliance posture, too. An MSP must stay ahead of security trends and compliance standards, ensuring your business meets industry regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI-DSS. A slip here could mean breaches, hefty fines, and a tarnished reputation.

Reason 4: Experiencing More IT Issues

An uptick in IT issues is not just a hassle; it’s a symptom of deeper problems. If your MSP is more reactive than proactive, you’re likely facing more downtime, which can cost businesses up to $5,600 per hour, based on a report from Gartner.

Reason 5: The Relationship Doesn’t Feel Like a Partnership

Your MSP should be a partner, not just a provider. A lack of partnership may manifest in a one-size-fits-all approach to your IT needs, which simply doesn’t work for growing businesses seeking personalized attention.

Reason 6: Unresolved Issues and More Downtime

Unresolved issues are bad enough, but if they’re causing more downtime, it’s unacceptable. Frequent downtime disrupts operations and damages your reputation. It’s a clear sign your MSP isn’t equipped to handle your needs.

Reason 7: Can’t Keep Up with Your Growth

As you grow, your MSP should scale with you. If they can’t keep pace, you may find yourself with outdated technologies and strategies that don’t support your expansion.

Reason 8: Poor Communication

Communication is key. If you’re hearing crickets instead of receiving regular updates and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), you’re in the dark about your own IT health. That’s not just poor service; it’s a relationship on the rocks.

Reason 9: Your IT Spend is Unmanageable

An MSP should help you optimize costs, not inflate them. If your IT spending has become a black hole, it’s time to reassess the value your MSP is providing.

Reason 10: You Have Lost Confidence in Your IT Provider

Trust is the foundation of any partnership. If that’s gone, and you find yourself second-guessing your MSP’s expertise or integrity all the time – it’s a clear sign to move on.

Recognizing the Time for MSP Change

If you’re nodding along to multiple points above, it’s not just a rough patch. It’s a sign to fire your MSP and seek one better suited to your current stature. GB Tech is a provider with a long track record of adapting to and growing with their clients; they understand that IT isn’t just about technology; it’s about empowering your business to reach its full potential. Don’t settle for an MSP that can’t keep up; choose a partner to help you soar.