Man using VoIP service on mobile phone

Your future with VoIP

You’ve probably already heard much about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over the years. In a nutshell, it lets you make phone calls over the internet instead of using a traditional phone line. All you need is a high-speed internet connection. 

Statistics on VoIP show a major shift. Organizations are now migrating with lightning speed over to VoIP, as evidenced by a market growth rate of over 19%.

Major benefits of VoIP

Cost savings

The most significant advantage of VoIP in businesses is cost savings. VoIP is more cost-effective for companies than standard telephone services. In fact, VoIP adopters can see an impressive average cost savings of 50%


VoIP is becoming more accessible. You can seamlessly move a VoIP service to a new office with ease. And now, with the increase in hybrid workforces, this has become a great solution for staff who work both at home and at the office due to the ability to use the VoIP service on any device. 


Adding lines and/or removing lines have never been simpler for an organization. You’ll pay only for what you need – that means you can keep costs down even as your organization grows or leans out.

Advance Features

VoIP provides advanced features for teams of any size. Features such as call management – to route and/or screen calls, videoconferencing, online fax service, and even data gathering. Whether your team is large or small, you’ll find the features you need with VoIP.


Phone calls can interrupt the rhythm of your work day out of nowhere. With VoIP, you can be working on your tasks for the day while conversating on the same device when a phone call comes in. Now, doesn’t that sound convenient?

The bottom line is VoIP provides your organization flexibility. You can answer calls from anywhere, add advanced features to any phone or device, and let go of dated landline infrastructure. The possibilities are endless.


What the future will look like

The future of VoIP is bright. With so many organizations using it, we can trust it will be around for a long time. It relies on newer infrastructure with none of the hassles of older phone lines. That means the service is higher in quality and more cost-efficient.


As 5G becomes more widely available, VoIP will become an even more robust solution. It’s expected to become the global standard. 5G provides faster and more stable speeds to help open new doors – such as improved call quality, video conferencing, and the possibility of Virtual and augmented reality. 


The future of communications is UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). Every communication function will be routed over the internet in the same way that VoIP is. Migrating to VoIP now means you’re ready for future UCaaS solutions. Add text messaging, chats, videoconferencing, screen-sharing, and more.

AI and VoIP

Every day, breakthroughs are making Artificial intelligence (AI) a new frontier in communication. AI can help increase efficiency in an organization that tends to deal with high call volume. These can range from providing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to reducing latency and low-bandwidth issues, which have been plaguing VoIP for years.


VoIP service providers are more secure than ever in the last two decades, even when the nature of security threats continues to evolve. Some major advantages over traditional phone lines include call encryption, real-time monitoring, and robust voicemail features with email delivery.

Your managed IT partner

To get started with VoIP,  you’ll need an IT partner who understands what your business needs. GB Tech is an IT service and security provider whose number one goal is to transform your business with solutions that give you the competitive edge you need. Contact us today to learn more about GB Tech’s VoIP services and how we can help improve communication in your business.