Managed IT review meeting

Understanding the real value of managed IT

Technology management is a huge pain point for many organizations, especially SMBs with limited resources. Managed IT services is a convenient, low-cost solution to this problem. IT outsourcing is such a big part of modern businesses that it’s one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT services industry. 

However, many business owners are still reluctant to hire Managed Service Providers (MSPs). To some entrepreneurs, the idea of IT outsourcing seems too complex and a bit scary. But the truth is, working with an MSP is pretty straightforward and brings tangible value to the business.

Here is a summary of the true value an MSP brings to your business:

Maximizes infrastructure reliability

In today’s fast-paced business world, every second of uptime counts. A single minute of unplanned downtime could end up costing your business hundreds to thousands of dollars. To prevent IT outages, MSPs continuously monitor servers, networks, and devices to identify and fix minor glitches before they become big problems. Proactive monitoring improves the infrastructure’s reliability.

Extends hardware lifespan

Managed IT helps maintain optimal IT health and performance. This is done by eliminating unnecessary redundancies, unclogging performance bottlenecks, and ensuring balanced utilization of computing resources. Couple that with preventative maintenance, and you get an IT infrastructure that not only performs reliably but stays healthy all the time. This helps the business get the most out of its IT investment in terms of ROI and longevity.

Saves on labor costs

Fully outsourcing IT services makes an internal IT team completely redundant. That means you can downsize the in-house IT department or scrap it altogether, cutting labor costs. Let’s do some simple math. 

The average base salary of an IT employee is around $82,000 per year—excluding benefits, welfare, and upkeep. Now add that to the cost of hiring a new employee (recruiting, onboarding, training, etc.), which could go well over $5,000. And after all that, you still don’t get any guarantees on the employee’s availability or productivity. An MSP saves you all these costs and hassles of managing IT workers in-house.

Streamlines IT budgeting

MSPs charge a flat monthly or annual fee for their services which is similar to the cost of one full-time employee. So, you can predict your IT spending and plan for it well in advance. A stable IT budget helps simplify financial planning across the entire organization.

Helps create an IT roadmap

Besides infrastructure maintenance, managed IT services also include an IT planning component. With their expertise and experience in the business tech industry, an MSP can help your organization strategically match short-term and long-term goals with the available IT solutions.

Reinforces cybersecurity

Protecting digital assets from loss and cyberattacks is a high priority in the current e-commerce landscape. That’s why cybersecurity is a critical facet of managed IT services. You can offload all digital security responsibilities, including data protection, compliance, end-user protection, and network security, to a capable MSP who’d be better positioned to handle them. With professionally managed IT security, you can rest assured knowing your assets are in safe hands.

Saves valuable time

An MSP takes care of day-to-day IT tasks, such as handling support tickets and overseeing IT operations, allowing you and your staff to focus on more important jobs. No one has to stop to solve a technical issue; this saves time and preserves productivity during active business hours.

A good MSP should be your business partner, not just a service provider. Instead of just fixing equipment, an MSP should help your business grow by making informed IT decisions, utilizing cutting-edge solutions, minimizing operational overheads, and streamlining digital processes. IT is no doubt a key business performance indicator. So, it would be best if you had an IT partner that understands its importance.

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