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5 ways to finance your office tech

If you’re wondering how to support your SMB’s tech needs without overstretching your budget, you’re not alone. 25% of the businesses surveyed in a recent report worry about underestimating the costs of their IT expenses. Unsurprisingly, 18% of these SMBs also worry about overestimating their available budget.

Is it possible, though, to finance your tech in a cost-effective way? Absolutely. Here’s how.

Cut the costs of financing your office tech

Whether you’re upgrading your IT system, maintaining your existing tech, or simply looking for a way to streamline costs, here are our top 5 tips for financing secure and reliable tech for your business without overspending.

1: Use the cloud

Companies are now more than ever relying on the cloud for their data storage solutions. Research shows that the public cloud market has increased by over 20% to around $186.4 billion, and this is likely to increase. Cloud computing takes the hassle and costs out of maintaining expensive hardware and storage options because everything is wireless.

Another benefit to cloud computing is that it lets you adopt serverless computing. Serverless computing lets you outsource your cloud computing needs to a cloud services provider. This saves you time, money, and resources in the long term.

2: Embrace greener practices

You can make major savings on your utility bills if you change up some of your electrical habits. The good news is that embracing eco-friendly technology doesn’t require much upheaval. Simple steps, such as switching to LED lights, reduces your energy output and saves you money.

Similarly, if you invest in appliances with a higher Energy Star rating upfront, and automatic light timers, you can control your electricity usage. This saves money and reduces your carbon footprint in the long term.

3: Use free apps where possible

Consider what applications and software your business needs and see if it’s possible to get free versions of these tools. All it takes is a little shopping around.

You can access apps and programs such as Google Analytics and Skype for free. And we also know where you can find excellent free budgeting tools to keep your finances in order.

Very often, free tools give you exactly what tech your business needs without expensive, unnecessary extras.

4: Automation

Automating routine tasks is a great way to reduce costs while bolstering productivity and overall business efficiency. Tools let you decrease your headcount without compromising on business performance.

How else does automation help you save money? There are tools available which help you with everything including time tracking, calendar management, and even your payroll from a single platform. All of these make it easier to get the job done without wasting time and resources.

5: Partner with a Managed Services Provider

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) works with you to devise a bespoke, cost-effective IT strategy for your unique business needs. With an MSP, you know exactly what you’re paying out on services each month. That way, you can plan ahead and project your long-term IT budget.

What’s more, with an MSP, you only pay for the services you need, which helps you streamline costs without cutting corners. MSPs will also help you maintain your hardware, software, and security packages. This allows you to reduce the likelihood of costly problems arising.

MSPs let you focus on running your business without worrying over IT complexities.

Learn More About How to Save Today

With so many scalable and customized IT solutions out there, it’s absolutely possible for you to finance your tech requirements without going over budget or affecting your bottom line. For more information on financing tech, and the best IT options for your business, contact us today.